Visit to the Central Technical Area, BBC Cymru Wales

Members visiting the Master Control Room, BBC Wales

"I hope we don't have another General Election, at least for the next few years, but given the present political situation, who knows?"  This view is understandable from Dave Howard's perspective.  As BBC Cymru Wales' Technology Operations Manager, such large scale events pose significant logistical challenges.  "For the most recent Assembly Elections we hired around 20 satellite trucks, and we had to split our C1 TV studio to provide separate feeds for BBC and S4C."

Visit to Real SFX, Cardiff

RealSFX demonstration

"I really love my job", claimed Danny Hargreaves (above), the founder and MD of Real SFX, as he fired what appeared to be lazer gun at some lurking Daleks at the back of the company's premises in Cardiff.  On the evening of the 29th February, RTS Members were given some very impressive demonstrations of how to create realistic special effects for TV and film covering a wide range of situations.