Ros Atkins On The Week

‘Come here, I’ve got a story to tell you’: BBC News’ Ros Atkins on becoming journalism’s great explainer

Ros Atkins (credit: BBC)

Atkins has been long known to news junkies as the host of Outside Source, the innovative news programme presented live from inside the BBC newsroom which broke new ground in its use of social media and video feeds.

Ros Atkins to present innovative topical news programme for BBC One and BBC iPlayer

Ros Atkins

Based on the viral explainer videos Atkins successfully pioneered across social media, BBC iPlayer and the BBC News website, Ros Atkins On The Week will offer a deep-dive analysis into a wider range of stories, in a longer, distinctive weekly programme.

Ros Atkins On The Week will take viewers through the key stories of the week, weaving together their common themes. Drawing on video evidence, data, documents and interviews gathered from far and wide, Atkins will establish the facts in an effort to combat the ever rising tide of disinformation and fake news.