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Channel 4 releases first look image for ensemble prison drama Screw

(credit: Channel 4)

Inspired by the creator’s experience of working and volunteering in prisons, Screw follows the staff of C Wing in the busy men’s prison Long Marsh, a place brimming with humour, emotional high stakes and danger for prisoners and officers alike.

Leading the group of prisoner officers, also known as ‘screws’, is Leigh (Nina Sosanya, His Dark Materials), a woman who has devoted her life to the prison and its population.

Channel 4 announces cast for new drama Screw

 Laura Checkley, Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, Stephen Wight, Faraz Ayub, Ron Donachie and Laura Checkley(credit: Channel 4)

Nina Sosanya (His Dark Materials) leads the cast as Leigh, the head of the team of 'screws' formally known as prison officers, who has devoted her life to the all-male prison and its inmates. Working on an overpopulated wing and having to battle against broken bureaucracy and short-term thinking, Leigh works hard to keep her inmates in line and support them when they need it. However, to her work team, she remains an enigma, with her own dark secrets that could cost her more than her job if they were ever discovered.