Red Sky Productions

The calm amid the storm for TV in Scotland

Socially Distant with Susan Calman has been bringing some much-needed cheer to Scottish audiences every Thursday since the early days of the coronavirus lockdown.

But the six-part topical comedy show for BBC Scotland – filmed in the Glasgow comedian’s back garden, with virtual contributions from comedians, actors and musicians – has also given a huge boost to its producer, Red Sky Productions.

Jimmy Doherty generates buzz to save bees

Jimmy Doherty (Credit: Channel 4)

Can Jimmy Save the Bees? (w/t) sees Doherty explore the declining bee population in the UK and try to understand how the alarming trend can impact entire ecosystems that rely on natural pollination.

The former entomologist will attempt to revive the bee population to reduce the threat towards the viability of agriculture.

Based in Peterborough, Doherty will look at what can be done to solve the problem with local farmers, businesses, government officials and viewers.