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Caroline Aherne: Our Manchester comedy royalty

A headshot of Caroline Aherne, a white woman with blonde hair wearing a blue and black patterned shirt

Fittingly for pantomime season, comedian, actor, writer and director Caroline Aherne was something of a fairy godmother.

In Caroline Aherne: Queen of Comedy, previewed in Manchester shortly before its Christmas Day transmission on BBC Two, Passion Pictures celebrates and explores her private life, exceptional work and legacy.

The story of Aherne’s beginnings on a Manchester council estate, through her first forays on the local stand-up scene, to national stardom is told exclusively by the people whose lives she touched and enriched, personally and professionally.

Kim Kardashian to executive produce and feature in new Elizabeth Taylor docuseries

Elizabeth Taylor is known for many things – for being the highest paid actress of the 1960s, for her eight marriages to seven men, and her addictions. Taylor is often seen as the ‘blueprint’ for modern celebrity, as the gossip and scandal surrounding her dating life changed the relationship between film stars and the general public.

In the new documentary boxset, BBC Arts aims to tell the lesser-known aspects of Taylor’s life, including her acting process, her business acumen, and her longstanding activism for HIV and AIDS.