RTS Midlands Centre Awards 2016


Best Promotional Programme

  • This Award recognises production excellence and creativity in programmes intended either for general or specialised audiences made either for corporate purposes or retail/mail order sale.

  • They may have promotional, public information, training, educational, entertainment, special interest or other purposes.

  • They must not have been broadcast other than as an insert to a separate programme

RTS Midlands Conference 2016

Conference Schedule:

10am               Registration

10.15am          Welcome – Isabel Clarke RTS Midlands Chair

                        Key Note Speakers      Ian Mackenzie C4 and Colette Foster Full Fat Television

Naz Mantoo Edinburgh International TV Festival

Des Tong Big Centre TV

New Directions in Immersive Entertainment by Dr Nicolas Lodge

When our senses are stimulated by wide-angle displays, spatial audio systems, smells, forces and compelling content, we can quite easily be encouraged to switch out of the real world and become part of the on-screen action, perhaps experiencing sweating and a rapid heartbeat as if we really were in a car chase. But how can we best trick the senses in order to harness this ‘immersive’ effect for entertainment purposes? How can we avoid feelings of sickness? What kind of production grammar is appropriate?