Louis Paxton

Writers of Time, Wreck and A Thousand Blows on how to write TV drama

“I absolutely hate rejection. I cry… I love these projects. I really hate it when producers act like it doesn’t matter and say: ‘We just roll again tomorrow, Helen.’ Of course, you roll again tomorrow, but today I want to sob.”

Screenwriter Helen Black was discussing the biggest downside of her job at an RTS Futures event in September, which examined what it takes to make a living out of screenwriting.

She continued: “You end up working on a lot of projects that are never going to be in production and that’s heartbreaking.”

Writers of Time, Wreck and Champion on getting into screenwriting

Top TV writers discuss how to make it in screenwriting.


Navi Lamba, Head of Development, BBC Comedy


Helen Black, Writer, Time S2

Louis Paxton, Writer/Director, Calamity James, Wreck

Ameir Brown, Writer, Champion

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