Litvinenko: The search for justice

“Mine,” he replies. And so begins the dramatisation of one of the most politically charged murder investigations in Metropolitan Police history.

Litvinenko, a former Russian Federal Security Service and KGB officer, was poisoned with Polonium-210 in London in 2006. Knowing that he would die, he was able to deliver the details of who was behind his murder to the police. But it took more than a decade for his claims to be confirmed.

Litvinenko Q&A with Marina Litvinenko, Richard Kerbaj & Jim Field Smith

Marina Litvinenko, co-producer Richard Kerbaj and director Jim Field Smith discuss the making of ITVX's Livinenko, finding the right cast and the responsibility of making a series based on real people and events. Marina also gives her first hand experience of the events surrounding her husband's death.

Livinenko starts on Thursday 15th December on ITVX, starring David Tennant, Margarita Levieva, Mark Bonnar and Neil Maskell.