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Jonathan Brackley’s TV diary

Humans writer Jonathan Brackley at the Royal Television Society's Anatomy of a Hit event

Supposed to be writing an episode of season 2 of Humans at the moment, but worrying instead about writing a diary for Television. I feel I should be giving some sort of insight into my process – only I’m not sure that I have one.

Does just sitting down and having a go count?

Now worried about sounding glib.

But that’s really what it feels like most of the time. Think a lot, write a bit, worry a lot, think a bit, rewrite a lot, worry a bit more.

Humans – Anatomy of a Hit

The panel at Humans: Anatomy of a Hit (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

The team behind Humans, Channel 4’s most successful drama series for 20 years, has explained why audiences were so captivated by the show.

In the latest of the RTS’s Anatomy of a Hit strand, an eight-strong panel, chaired by journalist Stephen Armstrong, agreed that it was Human’s domestic dimension which set it apart from other fantasy drama.

“The domestic element is probably the key to the show’s popularity,” said Humans co-writer Jonathan Brackley.