The Island with Bear Grylls

Channel 4 reveals new format for The Island with Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls (Credit: Channel 4)

Treasure Island with Bear Grylls will be a six-part series that will see 12 strangers stranded on a remote island with hidden riches up for grabs.

Under the watchful eye of Bear Grylls, the islanders will battle for survival against mother nature and each other for a treasure of £100,000.

Pushed to their limits, the contestants won’t just need to find the loot but will also need last to the end of the show, or risk leaving empty-handed.

The revamped reality show will allow the islanders to cooperate, but with money involved can anyone be trusted?

The Island with Bear Grylls 2017: Meet the contestants

Armed with some survival training, the clothes they stand in, filming equipment, medical supplies, some basic tools and fishing equipment and enough water for 24 hours, the islanders will be forced to fend for themselves in the outdoors as they face dehydration, hunger and severe weather conditions during storm season.

The six-part series will have a new twist as two groups from different generations will be dropped on a pair of neighbouring islands without the knowledge of the other.