Ian Wright

Ian Wright to front new ITV game show Moneyball

Ian Wright (Credit: ITV)

Contestants could win a life changing amount of money or go home empty handed, the outcome is decided simply by the bounce of a ball. 

In order to win big, contestants will need to answer a series of questions correctly, but as the money increases, so does the pressure. 

If the pressure gets too much, players can leave early with the prize fund, but they must take one final shot, which will force them to continue playing or allow them to leave with the money. 

Classic sketch comedy The Real McCoy arrives on BBC iPlayer

Originally broadcast between 1991 and 1996, the sketch show was one of the first to feature a primarily Black and Asian cast, exploring matters of relevance to their communities.

Shane Allen, controller of comedy commissioning at the BBC, added: “This seminal sketch show broke down barriers and gave diverse comedy a crucial mainstream platform in the early 90s.

“It laid the foundations for inclusiveness and representation that we’re continuing to build on today.”