Geordie Shore

MTV UK reboots cult classic Cribs

(Credit: MTV)

Launched in 2000, the original show achieved global success and included A-listers Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé.

The revival will follow Cribs' previous format and will see popular celebrities showcasing their homes, allowing viewers an insight into their personal lives.

MTV International will also produce Geordie Cribs, five short episodes featuring past and present cast members that will air on Facebook Watch, YouTube and MTV’s international social platforms. The five-minute episodes will be available from 25th of February.

Noisy from Newcastle: Geordie Shore's success

Charlotte Crosby (Credit: MTV)

The tale of boozy, sexed-up Geordies – “I’m fit, I’m flirty and I’ve got double Fs”, as one of the cast memorably declared – has come a long way in a short time.

Geordie Shore – based on the US series Jersey Shore – first hit UK screens in May 2011 and has racked up 163 episodes. The MTV reality show has also sold abroad to more than 80 territories.

On the eve of its 18th series, Geordie Shore was put under the microscope at an RTS North East and the Border “Anatomy of a hit” event in mid-October.

Anatomy of a hit: Geordie Shore

The tales of boozy, sexed-up Geordies – “I'm fit, I’m flirty and I’ve got double Fs,” as one of the cast memorably declared – have now filled 18 series on MTV.

Former NETB Chair Graeme Thompson discussed the DNA of the reality show, which is made by Lime Pictures, with the execs who make and commission it. 

Geordie Shore, like The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea, is a constructed reality show that blends fact and drama. “It’s a model that’s proved hugely popular,” said the show’s executive producer,Rebecca McLaughlin.

Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby lands her own reality show

Charlotte Crosby (Credit: MTV).

The tell-all show will follow Charlotte, going behind the scenes to capture heartbreak, hard work and the rekindling of relationships.

From her glamourous lifestyle travelling the world, to being herself at home, nothing will be off limits in this no holds barred series. Other famous faces are also set to make appearances.

The eight part series is set to air in March 2018.