Gary Oldman

Slow Horses trailer and release date revealed by Apple TV

Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb holds a 99 ice cream with strawberry sauce and a flake as he walks down a British street

The drama stars Gary Oldman (Oppenheimer) as misanthropic has-been Jackson Lamb. Despite his brains, his lot in life is to head up the ‘Slow Horses’, a not-so-affectionate nickname for the MI5 department where promising careers go to die.

The series three trailer sees Lamb saunter into a church with his usual bad attitude and worse dress sense. He is informed by Ingrid Tearney (Sophie Okonedo) that the Slow Horses are expected to go up against a MI5 team gone rogue. To make matters worse, Lamb’s brother-in-arms Catherine Standish (Saskia Reeves) has been kidnapped.