Working Lives: Meet TV composer Samuel Sim

The Bay (Credit: ITV)

Samuel Sim won two RTS Craft & Design Awards in 2015 for his original score and title music for ITV period drama Home Fires, and another last year for the title music of The Bay. The judges described Sim’s theme as “haunting and atmospheric”, giving “a Nordic noir feel to Morecambe”, the setting of the ITV crime drama.

How would you describe your music?

Meet Isobel Waller-Bridge, film and TV composer

Credit: Isobel Waller-Bridge

From scratch nights writing music for plays performed above pubs, to composing for Black Mirror, Vanity FairFleabag and The ABC Murders, Waller-Bridge is making an impact in the film and TV industry.

“I absolutely love film. I love the world they can take you to, what they can do with your imagination,” Waller-Bridge enthuses.

Throughout our conversation, she talks a lot about collaboration, how important it is and the key part it plays in why she loves her job.

Sherlock composer explains the sounds behind the sleuth

“They are both detective shows, but they could not be more different. For Sherlock we chose a character- and theme-driven way of scoring,” said Price, who was in conversation with live music producer, and former BBC and Classic FM presenter Tommy Pearson.

Price demonstrated how he and his co-composer, David Arnold – neither will reveal who writes which parts of a score – composed Sherlock’s “hero theme”, the music that accompanies Benedict Cumberbatch’s sleuth as he springs into action.