Working Lives: Sound recordist

What does the job involve?

Recording the best possible sound for the script – acquisition of dialogue is king. I’m striving to capture actors’ performances, often in a challenging location, to cinematic standards. You could record their words later in a Soho studio using automated dialogue replacement (ADR) but, without sweat on their brow and out of costume, their performance wouldn’t be the same.

Did you always want to work in sound?

Behind the scenes of The Real Anne: Unfinished Business

The film-makers behind The Real “Des”: The Dennis Nilsen Story reunited for another hard-hitting ITV documentary shown last month, but this time with a heroine at its centre. The Real Anne: Unfinished Business aired as a companion piece to ITV’s four-part drama Anne. The latter starred Maxine Peake as Hillsborough justice campaigner Anne Williams, who lost her son Kevin at the UK’s worst sporting disaster in 1989.