Adult Material

Working Lives: Production Designer

Most recently, he brought his quirky aesthetic to Adult Material, Channel 4’s drama set in the porn industry.

What is the production designer’s job?

Visualising the script and creating a world for the story to take place in. I set the mood and the tone for the look. The production designer is responsible for everything you see on screen, from a table dressing to the choice of landscape and everything in between: rooms, vehicles, special effects and stunts.

So, everything starts with the script?

Channel 4's Adult Material delves into the world of pornography

(credit: Channel 4)

For a show that feels so now, Adult Material has been a long time in the making. It is nearly a decade since writer Lucy Kirkwood first thought of penning a story that would pull back the curtain on the mysterious world of the British pornography industry. Now, her vision has been fully realised as a four-part drama series.

Adult Material has a lot riding on it, in every sense. Belief in Kirkwood’s work is such that the show has become the flagship programme of Channel 4’s highly anticipated 2020 autumn season, a gaudy gem in its crown.