RTS West of England explain the risks of copyright

Abbas Media Law (Credit: Abbas)
In mid-May, around 40 people from the television and film production community joined the leading media lawyer, Nigel Abbas, at The Square in Bristol to learn about the key areas of copyright.
During the two-hour session, Abbas covered the main risks associated with copyright and how to avoid them, as well as licensing copyright works. He also tackled defences to copyright infringement, including fair dealing with quotations, reporting current events and incidental inclusion. 

RTS West of England talk documentary filmmaking at Abbas Media Law workshop

The two media lawyers looked at the contractual, legal and regulatory issues that can crop up in access docs – films that that require access to institutions such as hospitals  or communities – including data protection, defamation and advice on drafting access agreements. 

They also tackled other thorny issues such as the police requesting rushes and contributors withdrawing consent.