Thinking about the future of the entertainment business in a converging world: consumer price, choice, regulation, and discoverability.

When we talk about the future of entertainment we usually think about ‘the products and content we like’. But the last few months have thrown our usual consumer choice behaviour up in the air. What might the future look like? What might be the outcome be in the battle between subscription, ad supported, and transactional models? And why should we care? Chris Auty, Head of the Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives and Producing courses at the NFTS, explores

RTS Midlands Careers Fair - How to kick off a career in sports broadcasting

If your goal is making a maximum break into sports broadcasting this is the RTS cup final for you. Former England cricketer turned broadcaster Isa Guha umpires a premier league panel of top broadcasters including  BBC sport supremo Barbara Slater, commentator/presenter Jacqui Oatley, former Wolves keeper turned pundit Matt Murray and top indy head honcho Mark Cole (he’s promised not to whisper) as they field a few googlies on mixing sport with broadcasting.

RTS Midlands Careers Fair - Working in News- is it the toughest gig in TV?

Trustworthy and accurate news bulletins are now more important than ever before. How do news teams react to breaking news? How have they coped during the Covid-19 pandemic? Our super talented panel of editorial and technical experts from the BBC and ITV will tell their stories. They’ll also offer advice on how best to get your foot in the newsroom door.


HOST: NESTA McGREGOR - BBC Senior Sports Journalist