Martin Lewis

Founder and Chair,

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, is a campaigning broadcast journalist who is founder and Chair of, the UK’s biggest money website – Just under 14 million people have opted to receive his weekly email.

He’s due to start the ninth series of his own prime-time ITV show soon, and is resident expert on many others, and has columns in periodical and newspapers including the Sunday Mirror.

In 2016 he founded and funded the influential Money and Mental Health Policy Institute charity, which he now chairs.

Over the years he’s spearheaded major financial justice campaigns including bank charges reclaiming (over seven million template letters downloaded) and PPI reclaiming (a jaw-dropping £34.4 billion has been paid out) and a successful large-scale campaign to get financial education on the national curriculum.

He was awarded an OBE for his contribution to consumer rights and charity work, in almost every poll he was seen as the most-trusted person on the EU referendum, and, according to Google, is Britain’s most searched-for man.