Ed Shedd

North West Europe TMT Industry Leader, Deloitte

Ed Shedd leads the North West Europe Technology, Media & Telecoms (TMT) industry team, having led our Global Media & Entertainment Practice for eight years.  He sits on Deloitte’s global TMT Executive.

Ed has deep experience in supporting CEO led Growth & Digital Transformation programmes, be it in the TV sector at the BBC, the film sector at Universal Pictures or the Publishing industry at News International. Most recently he worked with the CEO of United Business Media on a digitally enabled Events First programme.

Running throughout his work is a deep understanding of the sales & marketing capabilities required for a digitally enabled business to succeed. 

Be it developing the myBBC programme, or working with the sales teams at various media organisations, he has a strong understanding of how advertising has and continues to transition. 

He has worked closely with BARB in the UK and presents regularly on the future of multi-platform advertising. Having served for five years at the Transformation Director at the BBC, he is experienced in digital transformation and the world of networked services and devices.

His clients include the BBC, RELX and Google.  He is a founder member of the production company Monkey, producers of the Charlotte Church Show and the BAFTA award winning Made in Chelsea.