Dharshini David

Senior Correspondent & Presenter, BBC News

Dharshini David covers economics and trade for BBC News, on national and international TV and radio and online.

She also presents news and current affairs programmes for Radio 4, including the business on the Today programme. She has been at the forefront of reporting major developments in recent years, from the financial crisis to Brexit and the pandemic, interviewing key figures from prime ministers to central bank governors and CEOs.

Dharshini was an economist in government and at HSBC before leaving the trading floor to cover financial news for the BBC in London and New York. She has also presented flagship business and general news programmes for Sky News. In 2020, she was appointed the BBC’s first Trade Correspondent.

Dharshini is also the author of The Almighty Dollar, the bestselling guide to the global economy and previously sat on one of the financial regulator’s boards.