Chris Banatvala

Independent Media Consultant

Chris Banatvala is an independent media consultant and advises broadcasters, international regulators and governments on communications policy, media strategies, regulation and, in particular, editorial and advertising standards. 

In the UK, he works with, among others - the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Turner, and a number of legal firms. Abroad, Banatvala advises governments and regulators where they are trying to develop freedom of expression within a regulatory framework. 

Previously Banatvala was Ofcom’s founding Director of Standards and an executive member of its Content Board. He led Ofcom’s enforcement and policy development of standards in linear and non-linear content. He was responsible for drafting and enforcing Ofcom’s broadcasting codes, and led teams investigating potential breaches of the codes and the imposition of sanctions.

Banatvala originally started his career at ITN, working on a number of different programmes before becoming Channel 4 News’ senior political producer.