Digital Innovation Bursaries

The submission window for the RTS Bursary Scheme is now closed and will re-open in 2024.

The Royal Television Society is keen to encourage the most talented technically minded students to consider a career in television. This may include undergraduate students studying Engineering, Computer Sciences, Physics and Maths, as well as those studying degrees covering areas of evolving technology such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, gaming, animation, robotics, addressable advertising, e-sports, post-production and VFX. Competition to recruit highly skilled graduates in these fields is strong, and many may be unaware of the career opportunities that television and media industries have to offer.

Successful applicants receive financial support and mentoring, as well as the chance to gain insight into career opportunities in television and related industries through the 'Summer Tour' (where they will do a 10 day fully-funded tour of the tech and TV industry). They will also be provided with RTS membership throughout the duration of study, plus one further year of membership after graduation.

Applications for the Digital Innovation Bursary are open to new or first year undergraduate students, studying one of the subjects above. Applications are considered with the following criteria in mind:

Ability to study - We want to hear about the ways in which applicants have demonstrated their academic ability and commitment to study.

Interest in television - We want to know whether applicants have considered a future career in television and what attracted them to this scheme. 

Motivation - We want to support individuals who will make the most of the opportunities presented by this bursary and are keen to be active members of the RTS.

Please refer to our Guide to applying for a Bursary for more information, as well as our Bursary Terms and Conditions.


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