Mid / Senior Training

Mid / Senior Training

BBC Content Commissioner development programme

BBC’s Content Commissioner development programme provides TV professionals with a disability or who come from a BAME background an opportunity to develop their commissioning skills alongside the BBC’s top experts.

The scheme places participants at the heart of one of its commissioning teams, including BBC Two, Arts, Drama, Entertainment, Popular Factual and Specialist Factual, for a six-month training placement.  Additionally, the programme offers masterclasses and workshops in essentials skills such as storytelling and creative leadership.


Creative Media Skills

Creative Media Skills’ short script supervision provides industry professionals the chance to sharpen existing script supervision skills for high-end TV projects. The course aims to build on an individuals existing knowledge and offer guidance in lacking areas.

Aiming to assist participants to progress to top level script supervision, the course covers pre-production and continuity, from preparation to post production.

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NTFS Scotland

The NFTS Drama Editing course covers the principles and practical techniques needed to edit television drama productions. Led by Bafta award-winning editor Richard Cox, the three-week course covers the theory of drama editing, beginning a project and preparing the cutting room.

The training scheme also provides lessons on working with an Edit Assistant, fine cutting, reworking scenes and assembling both simple and complex scenes.

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London Film School

London Film School offers a two-week programme of six production design workshops for professionals who want to build on their art department skills.

Presented by Game of Thrones’ Art Director David McHenry, the course covers drafting, model crafting, script breakdown and story-boarding.

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Image Eyes

Image Eye’s quality assessment of TV broadcast course is free for freelancers working with audio and video content within production. Also open to professionals in broader screen industries.

Based in Glasgow, the course covers technical standards and international customer specifications of broadcasted TV programmes. It also covers other vital quality training such as the specifications for on-screen text and graphic and the importance of intelligibility of dialogue.

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Radiance’s Basic Cinematography course aims to equip filmmakers with the skills to launch a career as a Director of Photography. Participants will learn to successfully execute an artistic vision onto the screen.

The programme includes training in using lighting, framing and filters, and provides students an opportunity to shoot a short scene in a specific style.

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