Terry Marsh receives the Pilgrim Award 2018

Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, 10 October, 2018

Terry Marsh receives the RTS Tony Pilgrim Award 2018.


At the IBC 2018 Review on 10th October, Honorary Secretary of the RTS, David Lowen, presented Terry Marsh with the Pilgram Award for her services to the Royal Television Society.

Lowen said, "As Honorary Secretary and on behalf of the RTS Board of Trustees, it is my pleasure to announce this evening the presentation of the Society’s Pilgrim Award.

The Pilgrim Award is nothing to do with pilgrimages or religion. It is named after a former Honorary Secretary, Tony Pilgrim, and it is the RTS’s award for outstanding service to the Society by its many hard-working volunteers.

The Pilgrim Award is not always presented very often. Not always every year. So this evening is a very special event.

Her first job in television was working for the BBC on Play School. Her job included ordering around Big Ted – a key job to those who grew up with the programme. Our winner has worked for the BBC as a director in children’s programmes and for BBC Continuing Education as a producer.

In 1990, she became the youngest ever Head of BBC School’s Broadcasting. Later, she became Controller of the Sci-Fi Channel, Director of Content for Granada Media’s Result Initiative and Director of the WISE Campaign to encourage more women into careers in science and engineering.

She is, indeed, also a member of the IET – our hosts this evening. Our winner joined the RTS in 1990 and became a Fellow of the Society in 2006. She has served as a London Centre committee member since 1999 and was chair of the London Centre from 2001 to 2005. Currently, she chairs the RTS Young Technologist of the Year Committee. When not working, she enjoys amateur dramatics and produces pantomimes. 

If I can embarrass her further, let me quote some of the words which have been employed by her colleagues to explain to me why she should win this this award: energy, commitment, dynamism, generosity, mentor, remarkable, selfless, charisma, inspiration...Who else could it be?

The winner of the Royal Television Society Pilgrim Award is Terry Marsh."


Tony Pilgrim was the first Hon Secretary of the Society, and held senior positions in BBC Engineering in the Midlands for over 30 years.


Terry Marsh receives the RTS Tony Pilgrim Award 2018.