What’s On TV This Week: 12th February - 18th February

What’s On TV This Week: 12th February - 18th February

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Monday, 12th February 2024
Alice and Jack sit next to each other, looking intently into each other's eyes, in front of a green wall
Alice & Jack (credit: Channel 4)

Aspiring actors seek success in Bring the Drama, while Vince Staples is just trying to get through the day in his new scripted comedy series.

Love is Blind



Now six seasons in, Love is Blind shows no signs of slowing down, or getting any less hare-brained. For those who don’t know, the reality show sends its contestants into pods, where they can talk to potential partners, but not see them.

Despite the restrictions, romance is poised to bloom, as people realise they’re in love with someone they’ve never laid eyes upon. Even love triangles begin to emerge between the contestants, who will need to hold out hope for love at first sight.

Alice & Jack


Channel 4, 9.00pm

“It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Being in love.”

After a one night stand, Alice and Jack find they have forged a connection that will go on to last for over a decade. As they both get lost in the tangle of their own lives – and other romantic partners – Alice and Jack still can’t get each other out of their heads.

Andrea Riseborough (The Death of Stalin) is Alice and Domhnall Gleeson (Ex Machina) Jack.  Joining them is Aisling Bea (This Way Up) as Jack’s wife, who has a sneaking suspicion she’s spent the marriage playing second fiddle for her husband’s affections.

Bring the Drama


BBC Two, 9.00pm

Bill Bailey stands in front of actors, who are themselves in front of two large studio lights
Credit: BBC

Bill Bailey (Never Mind the Buzzcocks) fronts a show following eight aspiring actors who never got their big break. Over six weeks, the show’s participants are mentored by Kelly Valentine Hendry, known for her work casting for Ghosts, Gangs of London and Bridgerton.

Stopping by to dispense pearls of wisdom are actors from hit shows including EastEnders, Silent Witness, You and Line of Duty. Other industry bigwigs – including the intimacy coordinator for Sex Education and Peaky Blinders’s fight coordinator – are also on hand to give advice.

The New Look


Apple TV+

In the aftermath of World War II, two fashion icons go head-to-head in Paris, where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

“For those of us who lived through the chaos of war,” intones Christian Dior, “creation was survival.” Not to be out-camped, Coco Chanel insists: “Christian Dior ruined French couture, and I’m coming back to save it.”

Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One) plays Dior, while Juliette Binoche (The Staircase) brings to life Chanel. Rounding out a high-calibre cast are Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich).

The Vince Staples Show



The nonchalant rapper and Long Beach native stars as himself in a five-part scripted comedy show.

From getting into fights with theme park mascots and getting recognised by fans who are also bank robbers, nothing is ever simple for Staples. In the show, the musician is sort of successful but still sort of a criminal. He navigates his hometown with aplomb and a straight face, even when family reunions turn violent and strangers start shooting at him. Tune in to see “just another day” in the life of Vince.



Channel 4, 9.00pm

Members of the Siddiqui family sit on a sofa, looking at awe in something off-screen
Credit: Channel 4

The least qualified and most entertaining cultural critics in Britain are back. The year in TV has been off to a great start, from Mr Bates vs the Post Office to the Saturday night teatime antics of Gladiators.

What will be offered up to the Goggleboxers remains to be seen, but what’s certain is that they won’t hold any punches. Expect to see more brutal honesty that pays absolutely no mind to what the critics – or anyone else – have said.

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Aspiring actors seek success in Bring the Drama, while Vince Staples is just trying to get through the day in his new scripted comedy series.