TV Picks of the week: 3rd December to 9th December

TV Picks of the week: 3rd December to 9th December

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Monday, 3rd December 2018
Jenny (Sheridan Smith) and Mary (Alison Steadman in Care (Credit: BBC/LA Productions/Dan Prince)
Jenny (Sheridan Smith) and Mary (Alison Steadman in Care (Credit: BBC/LA Productions/Dan Prince)

From exploring foreign cuisines to family struggles, here's our TV picks for the week.

Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey

Monday: BBC One, 9.00pm

Nadiya Hussain with Laard who makes curry paste on Ko Sukorn, Thailand (Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Danny Rohrer)

Former Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain uncovers her familial connections to southeast Asia and explores the culinary arts of Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal.

In the first of a two-part series, Hussain begins her journey by visiting Cambodia and Thailand, learning about the culture of these two countries by interacting with the people and, of course, the food.

Find out what tasty dishes her travels will inspire.


Lockerbie: The Unheard Voices

Tuesday: Channel 5, 9.00pm

Carol King-Eckersley mother of passenger Kenneth Bissett (Credit: Channel 5)

Marking 30 years since the tragic bombing of the Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie on 21st December 1988, this documentary examines the 48-hour time period surrounding the tragedy and tells the stories of the flight’s six survivors and six victims.

The documentary features contributions from witnesses, rescue workers and exclusive interviews with individuals who have never spoken before on camera until now.


World's Weirdest Homes

Wednesday: Channel 4, 9.00pm

Freedom Cove (Credit: Channel 4)

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton (Best Laid Plans) takes a trip around the globe to examine the world’s most unusual houses.

Luxton encounters a number of peculiar characters and residences, from a YouTube billionaire living in his own zoo to scientists pretending their home is on Mars.

Luxton is left to question why these residents decide to depart from the everyday world.


Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess

Thursday: BBC Two, 9.00pm

Princess LAtifa and Tina Jauhiainen (Credit: BBC/Detained in Dubai)

This one-off documentary investigates the mystery behind the disappearance of Princess Sheikha Latifa, daughter of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Kidnapped from a yacht by Indian commandos, Princess Latifa was presumed to have been returned to Dubai following her plans to flee for a new life in America, but no one has seen her since.

The documentary examines the Princess’s life story and the coincidental disappearance of Princes Latifa’s sister Shamsa from Cambridge in 2000 after escaping the family’s mansion in Britain.


In My Skin

Friday: BBC One, 11.50pm

Bethan (Gabrielle Creevy) and Katrina (Jo Hartley) (Credit: BBC/Expectation Entertainment Ltd/Huw John)

This coming-of-age drama, previously available on BBC Three, follows 16-year-old Bethan Gwyndaf (Gabrielle Creevy) as she deals with the challenges of teenage life whilst facing a harsher home life that she hides from her friends.

At school Bethan strives to be the perfect student even with the struggles of her home life, with her mother having been sectioned in a mental facility.

Failing to continue to separate Bethan’s hardships at home from school, the two worlds eventually meet.


Tap America: How a Nation Found Its Feet

Saturday: BBC Four, 8.00pm

Clarke Peters (Credit: BBC)

Writer and actor Clarke Peters (Bulletproof) takes a look back at the history of tap dancing and the significance of the art form in modern day.

Peters uncovers the tap dances performed in America in the 17th-century by African slaves and the dance-offs between African-American and Irish dancers during the 1800s.

Among the troubled history, Peter learns of the horrifying racism in Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s and the exclusion black people faced from film roles.



Sunday: BBC One, 9.00pm

A one-off drama written by RTS award-winner Jimmy McGovern (Broken) and Gillian Juckes.

Sheridan Smith (Cilla) stars as Jenny, a single parent struggling to support her mother Mary (Alison Steadman) who suffers from dementia and requires full-time care.

Based on Juckes’s real experiences, the drama centres on Jenny’s dilemma of being torn between her responsibilities to her mother and to her children, highlighting social issues in the process.

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From exploring foreign cuisines to family struggles, here's our TV picks for the week.