TV picks of the week: 29 October - 4 November

TV picks of the week: 29 October - 4 November

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Monday, 29th October 2018
Crow's Blood (Credit: Channel 4)
Crow's Blood (Credit: Channel 4)

From Japanese horror to Sheridan Smith's home-coming, here's whats on this week. 

Black Earth Rising

Monday: BBC Two, 9.00pm

Michaela Coel (Credit: BBC)

The thrilling political drama comes to a close with a key villain finally being unmasked. Kate (Michaela Coel) also finds what she’s been looking for. A collective guilt hangs over her and Michael (John Goodman) over the Rwandan genocide and the reprisals that saw Hutu refugees massacred in camps.

The different narratives interwoven throughout the series are knitted together in the finale with several truths being revealed.


The Reluctant Landlord

Tuesday: Sky 1, 10.00pm

The Reluctant Landlord (Credit: Sky 1)

New semi-autobiographical comedy series starring Romesh Ranaganathan who takes over his late father’s pub in order to please his mother and maintain his father's legacy.

Yet Ranaganathan struggles to control the pubs regulars, especially a menacing ex-con played by Phil Davis and seeks to offload the pub while his family work to keep him at the heart of it. Sian Gibson plays his social-media obsessed wife and the sitcom also stars Nick Helm as his best friend. 


Crow's Blood 

Wednesday: Film 4, 10.50pm

Crow's Blood (Credit: Global Series Network)

A series of horrific events occur at the International Dolly Girls' College soon after a new mysterious student shows up.

Walter Presents' first Japanese horror mini-series stars Mayu Watanbe and Sakura Miyawaki and takes place 20 years after the birth of Dolly, the first cloned sheep. Scientists are now bringing people back from the dead by regenerating organs, causing gruesome side effects.


The First

Thursday: Channel 4, 9.00pm

The First (Credit: Channel 4)

Sean Penn leads in new drama about a future mission to Mars and the challenges of interplanetary colonisation, written by House of Cards' Beau Williamon.

The space programme is headed by CEO of Vista, Laz (Natascha McElhone), a commercial corporation. Tom (Penn) was originally in line to lead this important mission but has been sidelined and watches the take-off from home, causing tensions between him and Laz. 


Portillo’s Hidden History of Britain

Friday: 7.30pm, Channel 5

Portillo's Hidden History of Britain (Credit: Channel 5)

Michael Portillo explores the work of reconstructive surgeons in his social history series Hidden History of Britain.

Portillo takes a tour of the now-abandoned military hospital in the garrison where Harold Gillies helped repair gruesome wounds on British soldiers during the First World War. Portillo also meets the daughter of the first man to undergo gender re-assignment surgery.


Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes

Saturday: 9.00pm, Channel 4

Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes (Credit: Channel 4)

Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes explores the untold story of the aftermath of the evacuation of allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. Tens of thousands of British troops were left behind in France fighting for their lives.

The last surviving members of 51st Highland Division, who were ordered to stay and fight on against Adolf Hitler’s forces, tell their story for the first time and reveal why they were left behind.


Sheridan Smith: Coming Home

Sunday: 9.30pm, ITV

Sheridan Smith (Credit: ITV)

An intimate insight into the life of the BAFTA award-winning singer and actress Sheridan Smith. This one-off TV documentary gives viewers an understanding of Smith’s personal battles and her life-long passion for music.

Tim Pope follows the star as she delves into her tough personal experiences that inspired her new album A Northern Soul, to be released later this year.

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From Japanese horror to Sheridan Smith's home-coming, here's whats on this week.