TV Picks: 25th January – 31st January

TV Picks: 25th January – 31st January

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Monday, 25th January 2021

This week in TV sees the return of Anna Friel’s undercover detective and Fleabag's 'hot priest', Andrew Scott, narrates a Kenyan safari.



BBC Two, 6.30pm

A new “electrifyingly fast” quiz show presented by comedian Zoe Lyons sees six contestants compete across six speedy rounds.

The aim of the game is simple: “Stay out of the light and you’ll be right.” In each round, contestants pass the patrolling spotlight by correctly answering a general knowledge question or completing a task, lest they be caught in the light when the clock runs out, struck by lightning and eliminated.

A £3000 prize is up for grabs for those who make it to the endgame.

Secret Safari: Into the Wild


Channel 4, 8pm

The dulcet tones of Andrew Scott accompany this new nature series exploring the 90,000 acre Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, home to 13,000 wild animals.

The first episode follows a pride of lionesses on the hunt, Lottie the baby black rhino and a flock of grey crowned cranes on the lookout for their soulmate.

Marcella series three


ITV, 9pm

Marcella was officially “dead” at the end of the last series, but she’s back for a third, now scarred, dyed-blonde and called Keira Devlin.

She’s deep undercover in Belfast with the notorious Maguire crime family, led by steely matriarch Katherine (Amanda Burton), but as she investigates, it becomes clear that she hasn’t completely left her old self behind.

DeLorean: Back from the Future


BBC Two, 9pm

(credit: BBC)

A new documentary film psychologically profiling the infamous John Z DeLorean, whose grand ambition to build the sports car of the future in 1980s Northern Ireland ultimately ended in catastrophic failure.

Using rare footage and news archive, the film traces DeLorean’s rise from the ghettos of Detroit to war-torn Belfast, where he spearheaded the unprecedented social experiment of Catholics and Protestants working side by side to build his American Dream.

Resident Alien


Sky One, 9pm

A new sci-fi comedy based on the Dark Horse comic series, Alan Tudyk is Harry Vanderspeegle, a newly crash-landed alien posing as a human doctor in small-town Colorado.

His desperate attempt at assimilation is made all the more complicated when he gets roped into the investigation of a local murder, as well as the moral dilemma that comes with it.

Junior Bake Off finale


Channel 4, 5pm

(credit: Channel 4)

The last eight junior bakers celebrate by making a Sunday roast with a Middle Eastern filling and 3D doughnut displays.

Despite Naima’s mishaps in the last episode, Henry, aged 11, was the latest contestant to leave the competition, having placed last in the technical challenge.

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This week in TV sees the return of Anna Friel’s undercover detective and Fleabag's 'hot priest', Andrew Scott, narrates a Kenyan safari.