TV Picks: 24th-31 February

TV Picks: 24th-31 February

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Tuesday, 25th February 2020
I Am Not Okay With This (Credit: Netflix)

This weeks TV picks include a new teen dramedy and the arrival of Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot.


Flesh and Blood


ITV, 9.00pm

Flesh and Blood (Credit: ITV)
Flesh and Blood (Credit: ITV)

Flesh and Blood opens on a sweep of a domestic crime scene while a body’s tucked into the back of a van. Mary, a friendly neighbour to the family in question, begins recounting the preceding events to investigators.

Two weeks prior, widowed mother Vivien (Francesca Annis) dumfounds her family when she introduces new love interest Mark (Stephen Rea) at her 70th birthday.

Her son Jake (Russell Tovey) is particularly perturbed. He’s suspicious of the inscrutable Mark’s benevolence, but daughters Natalie and Helen (Lydia Leonard and Claudie Blakley) are more supportive.

The series follows the fallout to its bloody conclusion, while the private lives of the siblings also begin to unravel. And Mary’s there, always watching, and a little too eager to lend a helping hand.


The Twilight Zone


Syfy, 9.00pm

The Twilight Zone (Credit: CBS)

Jordan Peele narrates this reboot of Rod Serling’s renowned horror anthology, The Twilight Zone.

Similarly revered for blending timely parables with genre entertainment, Peele’s the perfect successor to Serling.

In this first episode, Nightmare at 30,000 feet, Adam Scott plays a passenger whose podcast predicts the disappearance of the very plane he’s currently on.

But unlike the original Nightmare at 20,000 feet, which saw an outside gremlin threaten William Shatner’s passenger, the true terror comes for Scott from within the cabin…


I Am Not Okay with This



From the producers of Stranger Things and the director of The End of the F***ing World comes a new angsty teen dramedy, I Am Not Okay with This.

17-year-old Syd (Sophia Ellis) is just trying to survive the trials and tribulations of her last teenage years at high school, with the added issue of her burgeoning superpowers.

There’s the death of her father, a crush on her best friend Dina (Sofia Bryant), and Dina’s homophobic jock of a boyfriend Bradley Lewis (Richard Ellis) all to deal with.

And with Syd’s already short fuse now supercharged by telekinesis, there’s no telling where these dealings will lead her.


Meet the Richardsons


Dave, 10.00pm

Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont (Credit: Dave)

Comedy couple Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont caricaturise themselves in this wry mockumentary of their life in Hebden Bridge.

In the first episode, the Richardsons throw a huge birthday party for their daughter, Elsie. Meanwhile, Jon seeks refuge from Lucy’s snipes in the pub he built in his garage, The Dog & Bastard. But there he encounters another unlikely foe in family friend Bernie Clifton.


Eric Burdon: Rock ‘n’ Roll – Animal


BBC Four, 9.30pm

Eric Burdon (Credit: BBC)

Eric Burdon was at the forefront of the British Invasion in the 1960s, yet he and his band, The Animals, are always mentioned after the giants of the era.

A Geordie rapscallion saved by the blues, Burdon would become as much a notorious hellraiser as he was rock n’ roll trailblazer. Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are among those who’ve famously paid tribute.

But his antics made him a lifelong underdog, and by the end of the 1970s Burdon was so broke he was living out of his car on the Sunset Strip.

This new documentary re-examines his life and legacy, and captures the zeitgeist of the 1960s and 70s.


Catchpoint for Sport Relief


BBC One, 8.30pm

Catchpoint (Credit: BBC)

The family-friendly game show Catchpoint is back, starting with a Sport Relief special.

Contestants answer multiple-choice questions with ten sequential answers, with each corresponding to a circle on the floor. To answer, you pick a circle to stand on and try to catch the prize ball that drops from above.

Joining host Paddy McGuiness are comedians Susan Calman and Darren Harriott, Strictly Come Dancing’s Johannes Radebe, and England netball international Eboni Usoro-Brown, who’ll muster all their brains and brawn to win big for charity.


McDonald & Dodds


ITV, 8.00pm

Tala Gouveia (Cold Feet) and Jason Watkins (The Crown) star as the unlikely pairing of DCI McDonald and DS Dodds in this new light detective drama.

Hastily climbing the career ladder, the ambitious and tough McDonald transfers to Bath from her station in South London.

She meets Dodds, an introverted enigma who’s happily withered away on the one rung for years. He’s the tortoise to her hare, but they join forces to form an entertaining and effective partnership.

In this first episode, the pair investigate a murder at the mansion of one of Bath’s wealthiest businessmen.

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This weeks TV picks include a new teen dramedy and the arrival of Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot.