TV Picks: 10th August – 16th August

TV Picks: 10th August – 16th August

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Friday, 7th August 2020
Credit: Netflix and ITV
Credit: Netflix and ITV

This week's TV takes you inside the offices of Missguided and looks back at the extraordinary life of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Unsaid Stories


Monday 10th August to Thursday 13th August, 9pm

Adelayo Adedayo and Joe Cole (Credit: ITV)
Adelayo Adedayo and Joe Cole (Credit: ITV)

Unsaid Stories features four short stories inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

I Don’t Walk to Talk About This sees two exes, Thea (Adelayo Adedayo) and Tom (Joe Cole), reconnect and discuss the impact racism had on their relationship as a middle-class black woman and working-class white man.

Generational follows the conflict between a father and daughter, when 16-year-old Justina (Yasmin Monet Prince) sneaks out of the house to attend a Black Lives Matter march, her father Oliver (Nicholas Pinnock) worries she is putting herself at unnecessary risk.

Lavender shows an uncomfortable conversation between Jordan (Nicole Lecky), who is mixed race and has recently had a baby with a black man, and her mother Lyndsey (Amanda Abbington), prompting them to revaluate their relationship.

Look At Me shows what happens when young professional couple Kay and Michael get stopped by the police on their way to a restaurant, and the effect it has on them individually and as a couple.

The Yorkshire Job Centre

Channel 4

Monday 10th August, 9pm

Credit: Channel 4
Credit: Channel 4

Viewers are taken into the heart of the bustling Southern House job centre in the heart of Leeds in the six-part documentary The Yorkshire Job Centre.

The series offers insight into the lives of the staff and customers, with 35 job coaches available to help up to 600 customers every day, from all walks of life and with unique stories to tell.

The benefits system often gets negative press, but the team at Southern House believe everyone deserves a chance to earn a living and are determined to tackle the challenges they face daily.

Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester

Channel 4

Wednesday 12th August, 10pm

Missguided is one of the UK’s biggest online fashion retailers and is a popular fashion destination for many women, with its cheap prices and fashion forward styles.

Inside Missguided takes viewers into the brands Manchester offices, which boasts a young female dominate workforce and has secured multi-million-pound collaborations with A-list celebrities.

After losing 26 million pounds in 2017/2018, Missguided are ready to stage a big comeback, with glossy new styles and impressive campaigns to change the face of fashion.  

The Life and Times of Captain Sir Tom


Thursday 13th August, 9:15pm

Captain Sir Tom Moore became a national hero during lockdown when he raised more than £30 million for the NHS.

The documentary explores key events over the 100 years of Captain Sir Moore’s life, from growing up in Yorkshire, to fighting on the frontline in the Second World War in India, to his business career after the war.

With unprecedented access to Captain Sir Moore’s life, he offers up his unique form of wisdom and the social developments that he has witnessed in Britain over the last century.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story


Friday 14th August

Series two of the gripping true crime series Dirty John tells another shocking true story, this time about Betty Broderick who murdered her husband Dan and his second wife Linda in 1989.

Amana Peet and Christian Slater play Betty and Dan, a pair of college sweethearts turned married couple who seem picture perfect on the outside, but that picture starts to crumble when Dan meets a younger woman Linda (Rachel Keller).

Dan initially denies the affair, leading Broderick to question her sanity, until eventually he divorces Broderick and marries Linda.

As a successful lawyer, Dan is able to win sole custody of their children, which destroys Broderick, so she begins to plot her revenge.

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This week's TV takes you inside the offices of Missguided and looks back at the extraordinary life of Captain Sir Tom Moore.