Test your TV knowledge with the RTS Futures Christmas Quiz

Test your TV knowledge with the RTS Futures Christmas Quiz

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The RTS Futures Christmas Quiz 2019: questions and answers.

Television executives and young telly talent joined forces for the annual RTS Futures Christmas quiz – hosted by comedian Tom Allen who was assisted by TV presenter Ria Hebden –at Channel 4’s HQ in December.

The team of Channel 5 execs and budding TV talent, the aptly named “Beyoncé Know-Alls”, were victorious. They took home the RTS Futures Christmas quiz trophy plus priority tickets for a live show of their choice, including Dancing on Ice, The Graham Norton Show and The Big Narstie Show. Can you match their performance?


Telly true or false

1 Before being hired to narrate ITV2 reality show Love Island, Iain Stirling auditioned to be on the first series in 2015.

2 Since it first aired in 1962, highbrow BBC quiz University Challenge has only ever had three presenters.

3 Cadbury Creme Egg launched its 2019 Easter egg campaign with the first adverts airing on Boxing Day 2018.

4 Film director Baz Luhrmann took his name from TV fox Basil Brush.

5 In 2019, Channel 5 aired a new medical series titled People Like Pus: Zit ER.

6 Iconic TV series South Park started life as an animated video Christmas card.

7 The Queen’s Christmas Message was first televised on the BBC in 1957.

8 The BBC announced that national treasure Mary Berry was due to make a guest appearance in the 2020 New Year’s Day episode of EastEnders.


TV stories of 2019

1 RuPaul’s Drag Race got its own UK version in October. But how many series of the US version have there been to date and when did the US version first air?

2 Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe came to an end last year with the couple attending the funeral of Rob’s mother. Who played his mother in the series?

3 The Crown season 3 streamed on Netflix in November. But in what year do we join the royals?

4 Game of Thrones had its last hurrah in 2019. Fans were left disappointed, however, when plans for a prequel were cancelled by HBO. What was that series going to be called?

5 In May, James Corden made an exciting announcement on Twitter. What was it?

6 In the autumn, ITV premiered its costume drama Sanditon, based on an unfinished novel by which author?

7 The ‘Hot Priest’, played by Andrew Scott, caused a sensation in the second series of hit BBC series Fleabag. But what animal is he afraid of?

8 Which TV detective from BBC drama The Missing got his own spin-off show last year?


Christmas on the box

1 On Christmas Day 2018, 25 years after his death in Neighbours, Jim Robinson returned to the soap as a vision in what festive object?

2 Dubbed ‘The Queen of Christmas’, which US singer was the star of the 2019 Walkers Crisps Christmas adverts?

3 In the UK, the single biggest Christmas Day TV audience was recorded in 1989, when almost 22 million people tuned in to BBC One to watch the TV premiere of which film? Was it: a) Crocodile Dundee; b) Die Hard; or c) E.T.?

4 Singers from The X Factor have had the UK Christmas number one seven times. Who was the last X Factor singer to have the Christmas number one?

5 Which of the following has not delivered Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message: a) President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; b) civil rights campaigner Reverend Jesse Jackson; or c) WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange?

6 Last November, Netflix released its first full-length original animated film about the origins of Santa. What is it called?

7 Running for six series from 2010, which British drama aired its final episode on ITV on Christmas Day 2015?

8 In the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert, what is the name of the excitable little dragon?



Telly true or false

1          False

2          False

3          False

4          True

5          True

6          True

7          True

8          False


TV stories of 2019

1          2008, 11 series

2          Carrie Fisher

3          1964

4          Bloodmoon

5          Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special

6          Jane Austen

7          Foxes

8          Julien Baptiste


Christmas on the box

1          A Christmas bauble

2          Mariah Carey

3          Crocodile Dundee

4          Ben Haenow

5          Julian Assange

6          Klaus

7          Downton Abbey

8          Edgar