New shows announced for Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature

New shows announced for Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature

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Wednesday, 3rd June 2020
Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno (Credit:Sky)
Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno (Credit:Sky)

Sky has announced new Sky original documentaries and factual shows for their new channels Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.

The new channels will show a mix of premium, original commissions and acquired content.

Sky’s Managing Director of Content, Zai Bennett, commented: “These new commissions showcase Sky’s investment in world-class original content and the breadth and range of factual shows our customers will be able to find on Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.”

Here are some new shows to look out for:



The one-off feature documentary tells the remarkable life story of Professor Stephen Hawking, a man who overcame many personal struggles to become one of the most renowned physicists of the 20th century.

Produced by Atlantic Productions, Hawking delves into Hawking’s life using private family archives filled with footage and stills, plus interviews with his family, friends and colleagues.


McQueen: The Lost Movie

Despite not living past the age of 50, Steve McQueen reached global superstar status and is remembered as a Hollywood icon.

McQueen was a leading man in many films of the 1960s and 1970s, with memorable performances in films such as The Great Escape, Bullitt and The Towering Inferno.

During the height of his fame, he started a film in the 1960s but never completed it, with the material from the film thought to have been destroyed, the fate of the missing reel tells a shocking story.


Tina Turner

Tina Turner’s path to global dominance was not an easy one and featured many challenges that required immense mental strength to overcome.

With 12 Grammy Awards, 200 million record sales worldwide and a Guinness Word Record for the most concert tickets sold by any solo performer in history, Tina Turner is a musical legend.

Produced by Lightbox, the documentary will give viewers exclusive access to Turner’s story.


The Go-Go’s

An all-female punk band in the 1980’s, The Go-Go’s made history and smashed through the barriers put in front of them.

Paving the way for future musicians, especially women, the documentary features candid interviews with the band and other industry insiders.

The Go-Go’s successfully changed perceptions and despite the pressures and expectations that came with their fame and success, the group rose to become a global phenomenon.


Look Away

The documentary explores the darker side of the rock music industry, focusing on a topic that the industry has ignored for many years, statutory rape.

Women who were groomed in their early teenage years talk about their traumatic experiences and the conflicting emotions they had to come to terms with.

The power imbalance that contributed to such behaviours is highlighted and the ways the industry prioritised protecting their own.


Tyson Bruno

Focusing on the highs and lows of two of the most exceptional black sportsmen, Tyson Bruno explores the stories of Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno.

The two boxers, one deemed a hero, Britain’s gentle giant Frank Bruno, and the other a villain, America’s Iron Mike Tyson, are both big names in sporting history.


Shark with Steve Backshall

Naturalist and shark expert Steve Backshall celebrates the wonderful world of sharks and explains why they are not the cold-blooded killers everyone thinks they are.

Viewers are taken from tropical coasts to the deep ocean, to show a new side to the feared but misunderstood predator and what can be done to save them.


Further documentaries include Lancaster, which tells the story of the famous Word War Two bomber and the missions of the service men and women who flew the aircraft, and The United Way uncovers the rise of Manchester United with unseen footage and untold anecdotes.

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Sky has announced new Sky original documentaries and factual shows for their new channels Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.