Inclusion can fill new studio jobs

Inclusion can fill new studio jobs

By Tim Marshall,
Wednesday, 10th May 2023
Bob Clarke: ‘Diversity?… inclusion is a better word’. Credit: Stephen Stewart
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The RTS Technology Centre held an event with Buckinghamshire New University last month, titled “You too can work in TV”, which looked at ways to make the TV and film industry more inclusive.

In South Bucks alone, more than 20,000 jobs will be created in the next two years by new studios.

The session explored the idea that the industry should not be “doing” diversity, but rather focusing on developing an inclusive environment in which all talent can flourish. Only by casting the net more widely to discover where this talent is will film and TV start to meet such ambitious employment targets.

The panel discussed the way people on all sides need to be innovative, both in the way that workers are recruited and how candidates can find out more about the roles in which they might flourish.

The panel, chaired by Martina Porter, MD of All Spring Media, reflected on how developing an inclusive industry had suffered setbacks over past decades, not least because people had been afraid of doing or saying the wrong things.

Bob Clarke, CEO and founder of the MAMA Youth Project, said everyone makes mistakes, but the answer is to learn from them and make the industry a better place. “It’s a great place to work,” he said, “and I still get a buzz from it. Let’s ensure all of the next generation have the same opportunity.” 

Highlights of the event will be released on the RTS YouTube channel on 17 May.

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