Five comedies to watch out for in 2016

Five comedies to watch out for in 2016

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By Ed Gove,
Monday, 21st December 2015
Kerry Howard, Russell Howard,
Kerry Howard also stars in A Gert Lush Christmas (Credit: BBC/Avalon/Pete Dadds)

Witless – BBC Three

Starring Him & Her actress Kerry Howard, this show follows two women who enter witness protection after witnessing a gangland shooting. However creating a ‘new you’ is harder than you might think. Leanne leaps at creating herself as the ultimate diva, while Rhona finds every lie terrifying. 


Catherine Tate also starred as Donna in Doctor Who (Credit: Flickr/Lisby)

Do Not Disturb – UKTV Gold

A one-off comedy set in a hotel room as a couple, played by the hilarious Catherine Tate (Doctor Who) and Miles Jupp (Rev), try to reconcile after her affair with a much younger man. Hilarity ensues as Tate’s character attempts to manage the hapless hotel staff and win back her husband's trust. Matters are not helped by a handsome young man found asleep in her bathroom. 

Do Not Disturb airs on Wednesday 27 January at 10pm on UKTV Gold



The Cloud – Channel 4

This latest offering from the creator of The IT Crowd and Father Ted, Graham Linehan, and comedian and radio presenter Adam Buxton, is a sci-fi sitcom set on a space station orbiting earth. The show follows the ill-fated crew of Cloud Station 13, a space station which stores some of the vast amount of information that humanity has managed to produce – although most of it is selfies, pictures of kittens and pornography. 


Mum – BBC Two

From Him & Her writer Stefan Golaszewski comes Mum, a new BBC Two comedy about a middle-aged mother as she tries to rebuild her life following the death of her husband. Lesley Manville stars in this hilarious and touching BBC Two comedy. 



I Want My Wife Back – BBC One

Murray, played by Ben Miller (Death in Paradise, Primeval, Armstrong & Miller) is left reeling when his wife leaves him on her 40th birthday. The series follows him as he tries to understand what happened, and to win her back. Murray begins to hunt back through his life to work out where he could have gone wrong, nobly assisted by everyone he meets – all of whom have a different opinion on what he should do.  


David Mitchell hosting Have I Got News For You (Credit: BBC/Hat Trick/Richard Kendal)

Upstart Crow - BBC Two

Blackadder writer Ben Elton is creating this new series as part of the BBC's Shakespeare Festival. Starring Would I Lie to You and Peep Show actor David Mitchell as William Shakespeare, the show follows a young Bard as he begins his journey to being the greatest playwright to have lived. Along the way he has to deal with his pestering friends and family, and inspiration strikes him from the most unlikely of quarters.     

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