BBC orders new Rylan makeover show and more

BBC orders new Rylan makeover show and more

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Wednesday, 10th July 2019
Rylan Clark-Neal (Credit: BBC)
Rylan Clark-Neal (Credit: BBC)

The BBC has announced three new factual entertainment commissions for BBC One and Two.

Rylan Clark-Neal will present a new BBC One fashion makeover show, You Are What You Wear, which gives people the chance to makeover their look with the help of professional stylists.

Also coming to BBC One is new series, Easy Ways To Live Well, in which Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall team up to bring people tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Returning to BBC Two following the hit ratings for series one, is global travel series Race Across The World, which has been confirmed for two further series. 

“These new commissions demonstrate what great shape factual entertainment is in at the BBC," said David Brindley, head of commissioning, popular factual and factual entertainment.

“On BBC One, following successful pilots, I’m delighted that we are bringing two fantastic new series to our screens - Rylan is the perfect fit as presenter for our modern take on the makeover show whilst Steph and Hugh are a brilliant duo to help us all cut through the noise of the latest fads and advice to find effective ways to improve our health.”

Patrick Holland, controller, BBC Two, praised Race Across The World for its “ambition” and “creative risk-taking”

He said: “I am delighted that it’s spirit of adventure, open heartedness and sheer sense of possibility, unique qualities that could only have developed on BBC Two, chimed so well with audiences young and old."


You Are What You Wear (w/t)

Rylan Clark-Neal (Credit:BBC)
Rylan Clark-Neal (Credit:BBC)

Rylan Clark-Neal presents four-part series, You Are What You Wear, set in a dream department store where every size and shape is catered for and clothes range from high street to designer to vintage.

Each episode will follow four customers as they come into the store with a fashion dilemma they need solved, or with the hopes of undergoing a total style transformation.

The customers will enter a fitting room where they will be faced with a large mirror and asked what they see when they look in the mirror.

Rylan will be on hand to listen to their fears and insecurities, while at the same time four personal shoppers with different and unique styles and personalities will listen from behind a screen.

They will then decide who would suit the customer best and should therefore give them the makeover.

Once the makeover is complete, they will once again face their reflection and see their new look for the first time.

With its unique mix of humour and emotion, Rylan said he was “thrilled” to be a part of the series and “help people from all walks of life find their sense of style and be proud of what they see when they look in the mirror."

It was also recently announced that Rylan would host the reboot of Supermarket Sweep for ITV. 


Race Across The World

(Credit: BBC)
(Credit: BBC)

Hit series Race Around The World has been recommissioned for two new eight-part series, after the series one final gained 3.2 million views.

Pairs of travellers will be tasked with the challenge of racing from a start line in one part of the world, to the finish line in another part of the world.

The catch is that all the trappings of modern life will be taken away from them. 

They must navigate through certain checkpoints to get to their destination, with only the cash equivalent of the airfare to spend.

The travellers will compete to reach the finish line first with a cash prize up for grabs for the fastest team.

Relying on the kindness of strangers to help them get through, the teams will need to use every ounce of ingenuity and resourcefulness to cross the finish line without a mobile phone, internet access or credit cards to help them.

The first series saw teams race from London to Singapore in just over 50 days.

Tim Harcourt, creative director at Studio Lambert promised that: “Series two will retain the jaw-dropping landscapes, charm and appeal of series one, but with a new and longer route there are sure to be fresh challenges and surprises our teams will face.”


Easy Ways To Live Well

Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Credit: BBC)
Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Credit: BBC)

The three-part series, Easy Ways To Live Well, sees Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Steph McGovern – assisted by GP Dr Zoe Williams – tackle the nation’s health concerns.

After analysing the latest scientific research and taking on advice from Dr Williams, Hugh and Steph will go into communities armed with tips on how to help people lead healthier lives.  

They take on all kinds of problems from stress to non-stop snacking, gut health to screen time, putting different solutions to the test to see which one works better.

In their quest for healthier lives, Hugh and Steph will also test out more unusual and extreme health tips, before deciding if they are worth the hype or simply don’t work.

Looking at her own life Steph realised that constantly being on the go can be to the detriment of her health.

She added: “I’m buzzing about the chance to find simple ideas I can fit into my busy life - even if means sharing some, shall we say ‘intimate details’ with the nation!”

Hugh said: “I think it’s inevitable that, as you get older, you start to worry a bit more about your health. I’m actually quite fascinated to find out the changes you can make that will make a difference - provided they don’t hurt too much!”


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The BBC has announced three new factual entertainment commissions for BBC One and Two.