BBC faces tough challenges in hard-hitting 'documentary' W1A

BBC faces tough challenges in hard-hitting 'documentary' W1A

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Wednesday, 25th January 2017
W1A, BBC, High Bonneville, Sarah Parish, Jonathan Bailey, Ophelia Lovibond, Hugh Skinner, Jessica Hynes
The Cast of W1A, written by John Morton (Credit: BBC)

W1A returns amid prominent challenges for the BBC to do 'More Of Less'.

It's an exciting time as the BBC’s Head of Values Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), formerly Olympic Head of Deliverance, is throwing open the revolving doors of the organisation in this six-part series.

The cameras will be following Fletcher and his team during and post-Charter as the attempt to decipher the BBC’s new mission statement of doing More Of Less, something Head of Output Anna Rampton (Sarah Parish) described succinctly as “putting what we do best front and centre and about identifying better ways of doing less of it more.”

Fletcher spoke of his delight at the new series, adding “In a period where we’re looking to identify as many Creative Efficiency Opportunities as possible, we’ve been faced with some tough choices, but the good news about that is that in lots of ways tough choices are actually easier than easy choices because there are fewer choices to choose from, so that’s all good.”

John Morton's biting satire starts filming in February, and the show will launch on BBC Two later this year.

BBC Studios’ Head of Comedy Chris Sussman, added “Good communication is one of the cornerstones of the BBC, and I’m extremely pleased to be finding about this series via [a] press release.”

While Shane Allen, Controller, Comedy Commissioning, said "It’s commendable that the team is able to increase the funniness of this series by 20-25 percent year on year, with just 54 percent of the original budget. This beautifully crafted series provides the answer to the age-old phrase: ‘If these walls could speak’ - in our case it turns out they’d talk bollocks.”

BBC Brand Consultant Siobhan Sharpe will be back, as well as Director of Strategic Governance, Simon Harwood and Head of Inclusivity Lucy Freeman. 


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W1A returns amid prominent challenges for the BBC to do 'More Of Less'.