Ant Middleton takes on a new challenge in Channel 4 show Escape

Ant Middleton takes on a new challenge in Channel 4 show Escape

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Thursday, 21st September 2017
Channel 4's latest show Escape with Ant Middleton. (Credit: Channel 4/Vance Jacobs)

Channel 4 has released details of their new survival show Escape

What would you do if your plane crashed into a light aircraft in the middle of the desert? How would you escape?

This is the task facing Ant Middleton (SAS: Who Dares Win) and a team of real-life engineers in Channel 4's bold new series Escape.

The series follows a group of skilled engineers stranded at a crash site away from any sort of civilisation. Each episode will see a new team of engineers in a different and dangerous terrain, from the desert to a glacier.

Surrounded by the wreckage of the plane, their only option to escape is to utilise their unique skill set to build a new vehicle from the debris. The group will have to work together battling the unforgiving environment, using only tools they can salvage.

Here are some behind-the-scenes facts about the new show:


Ant with two engineers Demi and Lauren. (Credit: Channel 4/Vance Jacobs)

Seven interesting behind-the-scenes facts about Escape

  1. It took producers between a week and a month to prepare the crash sites ahead of filming each episode
  2. The mangled vehicles left on location were loosely based on real life crashes
  3. Before filming the engineers were kept away from each other and Ant so that the first time the met was at the crash site. They were only referred to as numbers, producers didn't use their real names, and were often blindfolded so they never managed to pick up any information that could help them before being transported to the crash site
  4. In each location Ant and the engineers were given a supply of water and basic food rations to keep them alive during their battle to build an escape vehicle. Everything else, including shelter and sanitation, they had to deal with themselves
  5. Once Ant and the engineers were dumped on the crash site they had no interaction with producers, who filmed the show like a wildlife documentary, working from a base camp hundreds of metres away from the site
  6. The crash site in episode one was so realistic, the local military carried out a fly-by to investigate
  7. During an early phase of development of the series, the contributors weren’t going to be expert engineers – the question had been raised about whether it would really be a challenge for people who were experts in their field


Escape starts on Channel 4 at 8pm on Sunday 1st October

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Channel 4 has released details of their new survival show Escape