Amanda Holden and Alan Carr team up for The Italian Job

Amanda Holden and Alan Carr team up for The Italian Job

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Friday, 20th May 2022
Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

BBC One commissions Amanda and Alan: The Italian Job.

Best friends Amanda Holden and Alan Carr are coming together to renovate an old and crumbling property in Italy to see if they can make a masterpiece. 

The eight-part series will see the duo join the ‘One Euro’ home buyers who are travelling to the sunny climes of Sicily to own a slice of heaven at a discounted price. 

The pair both love travel and interior design and will spend the summer settling into the Sicilian way of life, renovating a dilapidated house into a luxury holiday home. 

Holden and Carr have experience renovating their own properties in the past, but this will be a project on a much bigger scale. 

They will learn new skills from plumbing, to painting, to plastering, while also getting the help of local tradespeople to help them stay on track. 

Both will add their own style to the project, become friends with their Sicilian neighbours and explore the beauty of the region. 

At the end of the summer, the finished property will be put up for sale and the profits will be donated to charity. 

Alan Carr commented: “After presenting two series of Interior Design Masters I feel now it’s time for me to pop my hard hat on, slip on my steel toe capped boots and really get my hands dirty. Working in beautiful Sicily with one of my dearest friends is like I’ve won the jackpot. Expect a summer of drilling, demolition and hopefully la dolce vita!”

Amanda Holden added: “Alan and I came up with the idea for this show together and approached the BBC as we knew it was the perfect home. Although we're on the same page most of the time, I'm more practical and organised than Alan. However he's up for some shameless bargaining so that will help us keep on budget!”

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BBC One commissions Amanda and Alan: The Italian Job.