Ant & Dec talk awards nominations, and the return of SM:TV Live

Ant & Dec talk awards nominations, and the return of SM:TV Live

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Saturday, 18th March 2017
Ant and Dec at the RTS Programme Award 2016
Ant and Dec at the RTS Programme Award 2016. Picture by Paul Hampartsoumian

Ant and Dec have been a fixture on our screens for over 25 years

This year they have been nominated for their 13th RTS award, and are up against Romesh Ranganathan and The Last Leg in the Entertainment Performance category.

This nomination follows the duo’s success in the category last year, beating Adam Hills for The Last Leg, and Jack Whitehall for A League of Their Own.

Ant and Dec met while filming children’s drama Byker Grove in 1990, and they went on to present hit Saturday morning kids TV show SM:TV Live.

Ahead of Awards next week, Ant and Dec let us know what is next for the TV twosome.


What is coming up for you two? We’ve heard rumours of an SM:TV reunion…

We would love to do one!  We’ve had a conversation with ITV who seem receptive so fingers crossed.

Do you still get scared going live? You are the kings of the live show!

Yes- we do still get scared! It’s a natural reaction and what is the saying? If you don’t get scared, give it up!

The majority of our programming is live, we love it and it’s what we feel we do best, we’ve tried pre-recorded and it’s just not the same.  The pressure of live TV is half the fun, the fact that something could go wrong and quite often does!

Would you ever return to your acting roots?

We have had conversations about scripted programming which we are really interested in. But [those are] all very long term projects.

Congratulations on your nomination. Another RTS nomination for Entertainment Performance! Is it even a surprise anymore?

It still continues to surprise us.  You never take being nominated for granted so it’s still a huge thrill to receive one. Thank you!

What’s the secret to your continued success?

We’re lucky enough to work on three of the biggest shows which have unbelievable staying power and the hardest working, talented teams on them.

We work hard and really enjoy what we do and hopefully it comes across.

You’ve been nominated for your work on Saturday Night Takeaway, how do you keep that show feeling fresh and interesting?

The brilliance of Saturday Night Takeaway is that it’s not a rigid format and can be whatever you want it to be.  It evolves and changes every year and we’re always looking at new ideas & new items which keep it current.

And finally, what have been your highlights of 2016 in telly-land?

Dec: This is a tough one but we have loved the big British dramas from Broadchurch and Victoria to The Crown. 

Ant: My favourite moment of TV was the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, the Battle of the Bastards!


Ant and Dec were nominated in the Entertainment Performance category at the RTS Programme Awards 2017 alongside Romesh Ranganathan and Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker who won for The Last Leg

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Ant and Dec have been a fixture on our screens for over 25 years