Head Office Personnel

Who's Who at the RTS

Head office personnel

Theresa Wise
Corporate Development Manager
Kasia Moleda
Finance Director
Andrea Elsworth
Financial Controller
Zahid Javed
Finance Manager
Angela Sacre
Finance Assistant
Liston Rodrigues
Events Manager
Senior Events Co-ordinator
Jamie O'Neill
Events Co-ordinator
Kirsty Whittaker
Membership Services Manager
Lewis Butcher
Digital Editor
Kate Holman
Digital Content Producer
Imani Cottrell
Online Content Producer
Caitlin Danaher
Online Content Producer
Harry Bennett
Bursary and Centres Liaison Co-ordinator
Megan Fellows
Bursaries Manager
Television Magazine Editor
Television Magazine Production and Design
Gordon Jamieson
Clare Colvin
Centres Health & Safety Adviser
Karen Wright