RTS Thames Valley Colloquium

RTS Thames Valley Colloquium

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Thursday, 9th June 2022

Session 1: Uploading Live Content

Speaker: David Walker, Senior Elemental Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS Elemental, an Amazon Web Services Company (hosted by Tim Marshall)

Uploading Live Content by David Walker from AWS discusses common use cases such as Zixi and SRT over internet, ST2110 and AWS Direct Connect over fiber, operational use cases and what we do with the media when it is in the cloud.

David Walker - worked in the broadcast industry since 2010 in all aspects of the workflow from baseband automation, headend compression, statistical multiplexing, and all things OTT. Now currently working for AWS as a senior solutions architect.

Session 2: Making Cloud Work

Speaker: Dr Rob Oldfield, Co-founder & CEO at Salsa Sound Ltd (hosted by Jennie Marwick-Evans)

Real-time Cloud Audio Production by Dr Rob Oldfield, Co-founder and CEO of Salsa Sound, covers the new opportunities that can be realised with cloud-native audio processing including immersive experiences, personalisation, increased automation, and AI/data mining for metadata creation.

Rob Oldfield - an engineer, researcher and entrepreneur based in Manchester, UK. Rob is co-founder and CEO of Salsa Sound who have developed a patented AI engine which automates and enhances audio mixing for live sports broadcast. Rob gained his PhD from the University of Salford in object-based, immersive audio in 2013 and has worked in the audio/broadcast industry for over 15 years. 

Speaker: Ethan Kovacs, Senior Cloud Media Engineer at Sky (hosted by Jennie Marwick-Evans)

AI based story telling with Ethan Kovacs from Sky UK. Join Sky to walk through their Cloud-backed Sports Recap product and how they are using applied AI & ML in partnership with their Comcast colleagues to produce and serve highlights in real-time across a multitude of Sports, clients, and territories across the Sky, Comcast & NBCU family. 

Ethan Kovacs - a Senior Cloud Media Engineer working in the Innovation & AI team, part of Group Product, at Sky UK - he is responsible for any media engineering related topics across the various development squads and specialises in cloud-based media workflows. Ethan has been at Sky for a collective 5 years+, where he initially joined as an apprentice and has since spanned roles from Broadcast infrastructure, DTH Platform support, and now working in the Cloud space.

Session 3: From Ground to Cloud

What makes cloud difficult?

How do we overcome the technological challenges?

What will be happening in the future?

Chaired by:

Tony Orme


Tracie Mitchell , Managing Director at Greenfish.io

Tim Burton, Managing Director at 7fivefive

David Walker, Senior Elemental Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS

Russell Trafford-Jones, Manager, Support & Services at Techex

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