How to make the jump from Runner to Researcher in TV

How to make the jump from Runner to Researcher in TV

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Tuesday, 4th June 2024


One of the hardest parts of starting your TV career is the jump from Runner to Researcher.

What are the hacks needed to be spotted and earmarked for promotion to the next step? What are the soft skills and hard skills that will make Producers want you to stay on their teams? How have the roles of Runner and Researcher changed over the years? Which skills do you need to level up on in 2024, the year A.I will do basic Runner tasks like transcribing and spreadsheet analysis?

Jasmine Dotiwala, Freelance Executive Producer, Trainer, Inclusion Leader and Reporter (Netflix, Media Trust, Princes Trust, ITN), chaired an RTS Futures panel to answer all these questions and much more.


Anu Bains – Freelance TV Producer/Casting Producer (Fremantle, Nutopia, Banijay, BBC Studios, Lifted at ITV)

Paula Nimaro – Researcher at Whisper TV

Leian Darell John Baptiste – Executive Assistant/PMA at BBC Studios

An RTS Futures panel explains how to make the jump to Researcher

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