How Clean is TV Sustainability? | RTS Technology Centre

How Clean is TV Sustainability? | RTS Technology Centre

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Sunday, 18th February 2024


In this RTS Technology Center webinar, host Dee Davison, along with experts Alison Butler (BBC), Matt Scarff (BAFTA albert), and Rohan Mitchell (EMG), discuss the evolving landscape of environmental sustainability within the film and TV industry. The discussion highlights the crucial role of collaboration in addressing climate change challenges effectively.

Alison Butler underscores the BBC's approach to managing emissions within its supply chain, advocating for open dialogues with suppliers to amplify impact. Matt Scarff shares BAFTA albert's efforts in uniting industry players and the vital role of data in understanding environmental impacts. Rohan Mitchell speaks on EMG's initiatives, stressing the importance of embedding ESG principles and engaging suppliers at various sustainability levels.

Key takeaways include the urgency of enhancing sustainability measures, sharing successful practices, and leveraging advancements like remote production and renewable energy. The webinar sheds light on the industry's commitment to sustainability, emphasising strategic collaboration, education, and innovation in moving towards a Net Zero future. This session is a testament to the collective endeavour in overcoming sustainability challenges and seizing opportunities for a more sustainable film and TV industry.

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