RTS Cambridge Convention 2021

This Disunited Kingdom | RTS Cambridge Convention 2021

In a year of a Labour Wales, Tory England and SNP Scotland, what does Britishness mean now and in the future? And how can, and should, the British media react? The PSBs are rapidly spreading production round the country. What does this mean for the industry? Is it too late to save UK plc? Top pollster and TV pundit Professor Sir John Curtice puts a series of scenarios to a panel of industry leaders to explore their views of Britishness and the fragmenting media landscape.


Kirsty Wark, Journalist and Writer


Broadcast Britain | RTS Cambridge Convention 2021

Ben McOwen Wilson, YouTube Managing Director UK and Ireland, sets the scene for the Convention with a look at the challenges and opportunities for the UK’s television industry post-Brexit, post-pandemic and in the face of accelerating technological and viewer behaviour shifts.

He asks the question: how can - and how must - television redefine itself and its sense of "Britishness" to create a platform for global success and for reconnection with domestic audiences?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Gareth Southgate OBE announced for RTS Cambridge Convention 2021

They will talk about what they see in the world, the stories that fascinate them, and how their production company HiddenLight facilitates their global approach to storytelling.