Shoenberg Memorial Lecture

The Shoenberg lecture was a natural predecessor to the RTS/IET lecture and focused on developments in science and technology which would impact the world of television.

Isaac Shoenberg (1880-1963) is widely regarded as “the father of high definition television.” The Shoenberg Memorial Lecture series ran from 1970 to 2006. 

Robert H. Plummer gave the 2003 Shoenberg Lecture (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

(Marked lectures* may be available by application to the RTS archivist)

John Ive. Technophobia and Digital Divergence, Navigating the Technology Challenges for Television, 27 Nov 2006* (audio also available)

John Varney Convergence, Collaboration Creativity, 1 Nov 2004*

Robert H. Plummer. Now We’re All Digital - What Now?, 3 Nov 2003* (audio also available)

Roderick Snell. Digital TV – Is it wasted Broadcasters?, 4 Nov 2002 (audio available)

Philip Laven. Will the Internet Kill Broadcasting?, 5 Nov 2001* 

Geoff Walters. Developing Digital: Putting Viewers First, 28 Nov 2000*

Charles Jablonski. A Digital Letter from America, (BAFTA), 8 Nov 1999*

Gary Tonge. Digital TV - Now and Next (BAFTA), 9 Nov 1998*

Professor Ulrich Reimers. Going digital: engineering passion or business imperative?’ (BAFTA), 17 Nov 1997*

David Brookes. The Future Development of the Television Receiver, 27 Nov 1995*

Dr Roland Huber. The Information Society – What are the Limits?, 10 Nov 1994* (audio also available)

Dr Joseph Flaherty. How, Why and When?, 4 Nov 1993*

John Friedline. Putting Multi Media to Work, 5 Nov 1992*

Dr Pierre Meyrat. European HDTV – New Opportunities or  Risks for Consumers and Broadcasters?, 7 Nov 1991* (audio also available)

Jacques Sabatier. Consumer Electronics in the 1990's, 18 Nov 1990* (audio also available)

Henrikas Yushiavitshus 'The Past and Future of Soviet Television', 9 Nov 1989* (audio also available)

Carlos  Kennedy 'The  Global  Standards Dilemma  -  Agreement or Anarchy?, 3  Nov  1988* (audio also available)

Dr  Kerns Powers  'The  Treacherous  Road  to High Definition Television', 5  Nov  1987*

Richard R. Taylor 'Creative digits', 6 Nov 1986* (audio also available)

C.J. van der Klugt 'New  Television Standards  -  Revolution or Evolulion?', 18  Nov 1985* (audio also available)

Prof Henry Mertens 'The Future Evolution of Broadcasting Standards', 8 Nov 1984*

Delbert D.Smith 'Space  Platforms  and Television, shaping the future of the medium', 3  Nov  1983 (lecture slides available)

Dr Makoto Kikuchi 'A Physicist  in  the Electronic Minefield', 4  Nov  1982* (audio also available)

Charles P. Ginsburg 'The Horse or the Cowboy, getting television on tape', 5 Nov 1981*

Andrew F.  Inglis 'Satellite and the Expansion  of Television Services', 6  Nov  1980*

Dr Joseph Polonsky 'The Challenge of High Definition Television:  Its  Implications for the future  of Television  and Films', 29 Nov 1979*

Robert Pfann Kuch 'Twenty-four hour primetime:  the choice of Video', 4  Dec 1978*

Robin Scott 'Television Production:  Can Technology meet the  Future Challenge?', 1 Dec 1977*

Prof W.D.  Wright 'Picture Quality - the Continuing Challenge Towards Visual Perfection', 6  Dec 1976*

Joe Roizen 'The History of Videotape Recording', 11 Dec 1975*

R.F.  Chinnick 'The Canadian Domestic Communication Satellite System', 5  Dec 1974*

Dr Walter Perry 'The Open University:  A progress report and hopes for the future', 22  Nov  1973*

Dr G. Brown 'Video in Vacuo - Television's role in the Exploration of Space',7 Dec 1972*

Dr  Walter  Bruch  'The  Next  Decade   in  Home Entertainment', 2   Dec  1971*

Prof J.D. McGee 'The Life and Work of Sir Isaac Shoenberg', 4 Feb 1971*


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