About the RTS London Conference

London conference 2016

Full Stream Ahead: Commissioning, Producing and Distributing Content in an Age of On-Demand

With burgeoning new models of TV consumption, opportunities for content creators and distributors are both incredibly exciting and potentially hazardous.    

How is the emergence of myriad new distribution platforms impacting the commissioning and production landscape?  With new entrepreneurial approaches to production, access to global funding and emerging trends in consumer behaviour – what are the real opportunities and challenges of creating programming for multiple platforms?  Do the age-old metrics of ratings and ad revenue still apply - or are there new rules for defining success?

The one day conference, in partnership with NBCUniversal International, will take place at Kings Place, London on 27 September.  

Online registration for the Conference is closed.

For more information and bookings, please contact the RTS Events Department via jamie@rts.org.uk or phone 020 7822 2820.