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The Midlands hosts a plethora of media talent; writers, producers, directors and some of the most stunning locations in the UK, so RTS Midlands is well placed to be the hub for bringing together all types of television professionals – past, present and future!

Every year the Midlands Centre holds a series of lectures, discussions, workshops and visits on a wide range of subjects, all relevant to television and all aimed to showcase the wide range of existing and up-and-coming talent we have based here.

The prestigious Annual Dinner and Awards is always a huge success and attracts nominees from across 13 counties.


Student Awards

There are a number of colleges and universities in the Midlands area, from Hereford to Lincoln and from Stafford and Nottingham, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Warwickshire. Each university enters the Annual Student Awards, via Head Office, and the entries are judged and awards presented as part of our Annual Awards. The standard is always exceptionally high. Winners from the four categories go forward to be judged as part of the National Awards in London and the Midlands Centre regularly has winners in their categories in the national awards.

Categories are Animation, Entertainment, Factual and Fiction.

For more information about the Student Awards contact Dorothy Hobson on 07801 018705 or email dorothy.p.hobson@gmail.com


RTS Futures - Midlands

RTS Futures aims to offer events for those who are new to various parts of the industry and those who would like to become part of the industry. In the past RTS Midlands has hosted events on Presenting, Breaking into Broadcasting and Emerging Media Forms. We intend to build on the success of these events and would welcome suggestions or requests for such events which would be of benefit to members and others in the area with an interest in the media.


Baird Medal

Each year the Baird Medal is presented to someone from the region whose contribution to television has been of national or international importance. It can be presented to someone from any part of the television industry from the RTS Midlands Region.

Previous Baird Medal winners include:

Colin Dexter - writer/creator of Morse

Robert Lindsay - Actor

Jasper Carrot - Actor/Comedian


Baird Lecture

The Baird lecture highlights developments in technology which have had a profound effect on production in many forms.

The inaugural lecture was given by Mark Thompson when he announced the arrival of BBC iplayer.

Previous speakers have included:

Mark Thompson - BBC Director General

Martha Lane Fox - founder of lastminute.com

Embarrassing Bodies Team - Maverick Television

John Ryley - Sky News

For press information regarding Baird Medal or Baird Lecture please contact Dorothy Hobson Tel: 07801.018705 (Home Tel. 0121.472.5630) Email: dorothy.p.hobson@gmail.com.


If you are a media professional based here in the Midlands or if you have an interest in television, why not join us and be part of something special. For more information on membership please email Jayne Greene jayne@ijmmedia.co.uk.


The Midland Centre Officers

Chair: Caren Davies

Tel: 07710 399457

Email: Caren.Davies@bbc.co.uk

Treasurer: Raman Kaur

Email: ramanpreet.kaur@bbc.co.uk

Vice Chair/Events: Dorothy Hobson

Tel: 07801 018705 

Email: dorothy.p.hobson@gmail.com

Administration: Jayne Greene

Tel: 07792 776585

Email: RTSMidlands@rts.org.uk