Kerr Memorial Lecture

The Kerr Memorial Lecture was the first public lecture run by the Royal Television Society. It was a scientific lecture detailing recent technological developments for an academic audience.

John Kerr (1824-1907) was a predecessor of Logie Baird, Shoenberg and other figures instrumental in the creation of television, and never actually lived to see the first TV broadcast. He is know for his invention of the Kerr Cell, a device employing the Kerr effect to interrupt a beam of light up to 1010 times per second. 

(Marked lectures* are available by application to the RTS archivist)

L.M. Myers. Electron Optics, Institute of Electrical Engineers, 19 Apr 1939*

Leonard Levy and Donald D. West. Luminescence and its application to Television, Institute of Electrical Engineers, 21 Mar 1938*

Prof J.T. MacGregor Morris. The History and development of the Cathode Ray Tube, Royal Institution, 19 May 1937*

John Logie Baird. The Kerr Cell and its use in Television, Royal Institution, 5 Dec 1935*


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