Fleming Memorial Lecture

The Fleming Memorial Lecture evolved over its 61 year existence. Beginning in 1945 as a scientific lecture on the technologies that make television possible, it has since evolved into a more strategic lecture – looking ahead at the future of television in the UK and globally.

It is named after Ambrose Fleming (1989-1945), the founder of radio communications and a proud supporter of John Logie Baird. Fleming was a founder member of the Television Society in 1927, along with Logie Baird.

Lord Patten giving his RTS Fleming Memorial Lecture in 2011 (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

(Marked lectures* may be available by application to the RTS archivist)

Lord Patten. The BBC - Old Values, New Technologies, 6 July 2011*

Stewart Purvis. Calling Time on Analogue Regulation - an agenda for the next Communications Act, 11 November 2010*

Samir Shah. Equal Opportunity-itis: a suitable case for treatment, 25 June 2008*

Sir Michael Lyons. What is the BBC For?, 1 Nov 2007*

Mark Thompson. Creative futures – The BBC’s programmes and content in an on-demand World, 25 April 2006*

Lord Currie. Television and the Digital Future, 11 Oct 2004*

Patricia Hodgson. Freedom to Flourish: The Future of Communications, 5 March 2002*

Rupert Gavin. The Eureka State: the challenges facing British creativity in a digital, 10 May 2001*

Michael Jackson. From Southfork to South Park, 10 May 2000*

Barclay Knapp. Walking on the Wild Side (BAFTA), 17 June 1999*

Trevor Phillips. Are there colour bars in a digital universe? (BAFTA), 1 June 1998*

Sir Christopher Bland. The BBC: Public Service Past, Public Service Future (BAFTA), 11 June 1997*

Bruce Bond. The Big Idea, 11 Apr 1996*

Tom Gutteridge. 57 Channels and Nothing On; the Future of British Production, 13 May 1995*

Michael Green. Broadcasting and Business: A Creative Partnership, 19 Apr 1994*

John Birt. The BBC (Banqueting House), 30 Mar 1993*

George Russell. British Television, Act, Business or Shambles?, 2 Apr 1992*

Kenji Aoki. Direct Broadcasting, Satellite, HDTV and  the Software Innovation, 4 Apr 1991*

Howard Stringer. Free  Market  Fairytales  and  the Pursuit of Quality Television, 4  Apr  1990*

Richard Attenborough. Pandora's Box? Will the Nineties bring forth Feast or Famine?, 5 Apr 1989*

John Birt. Decent Media, 6 Apr 1988*

Albert  Scharf. The  Future  of  Public Service Broadcasting, 8  Apr  1987*

Alasdair Milne. The Messenger and the Message, 9 Apr 1986*

Rt Hon Lord Thomson of Montifieth. Thirty Years  of Independent Broadcasting, 10  Apr 1985*

Peter Laister. The Technology of Entertainment,  its opportunities and risks, 18 Apr 1984*

Phil Sidey. Television at the End of its Tether, 20 Apr 1983*

Paul Fox. The Competitive Face of British Television, 15 Apr 1982*

Shaun Sutton. The Largest Theatre in the World, 2 Apr 1981*

Sir Michael Swann. Financing the Concept  of Public Service Broadcasting, 9  Apr 1980*

Lord Briggs. The Open University: The First Ten Years, 5 Apr 1979*

Lord Windlesham. Television in a Free Society, 13 Apr 1978*

Lord Annan. Lord Annan answers his Critics, 28 Apr 1977*

Lady Plowden. How Can Television Help Society?, 22 Apr 1976*

Norman Collins. Television:  Parliament  and the People, 10  Apr  1975*

C.B.B. Wood. The Status of British Broadcasting, 18 Apr 1974*

Denis Forman. TV: The Mysteries of the Organism, 12 Apr 1973*

Dr G.B. Townsend. A  Television  Service fit for Artists, 13  Apr  1972  

Huw Wheldon. Perspectives in Television, 29 Apr 1971

F.H. Steele. The Impact of Automation on Television Transmission, 23 Apr 1970*

Prof Walter Perry. The Open University, 17 Apr 1969*

A.V. Lord. Digital Methods in Television, 18 Apr 1968*

Dr R.W.G. Hunt. The Strange Journey from Retina to Brain, 21 Apr 1967*

Prof W.D. Wright. The Implications for Television of Modern Thinking on the Visual Process, 21 Apr 1966*

R.D.A.  Maurice. The Specification of  an Adequate Television Signal, 29  Apr 1965*

Prof J.D. McGee. Television in Space Research, 31 Oct 1964*

Prof J.D.E. Ingram. Television  Signals  - from Transmission to Receiver, 17  Jan  1963*

Prof Colin Cherry. Bandwidth compression of Television, 11  Jan  1962*

Prof D.M. McKay. Behind the Eye, 26 Jan 1961*

Prof R. King. Crystal Imperfections, 21 Jan 1960

G.H. Cook.Modern Optics in Relation to Television, 22 Jan 1959

T.R. Scott. Crystal Valves, 23 Jan 1958

H.G. Jenkins. Luminescence, 24 Jan 1957

Prof  J.D.  McGee. Non-entertainment aspects  of Television, 19  Jan  1956,  

Prof W.D. Wright. The Perception of Colour, 19 Jan 1955

G.G. Gouriet. Colour Television, 10 and 24 Feb 1954

H.E.M. Barlow. Guided Waves (Held at UCL), 20 Mar 1952*

J.T. Mould. The Scientist and the Law, 21 Oct 1949*

Arthur Blok. Some personal recollections of  Sir Ambrose Fleming, 29  Sept  1948*

Dr J.A. Crowther. The Dawn of the Electronic Age, 30 Apr 1947*

J.T. MacGregor-Morris. Sir Ambrose Fleming, 3 Apr 1946*


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